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Women on the Move Coaching (WOMC) is passionate about helping young adults, families, and women find the courage to create an authentic life and walk their own path. Each and everyone of us is uniquely different as are each of our paths.

Whether a career change, a major life transition event, a decision regarding a relationship, the creation of a new norm post treatment, pondering where to live, choosing a college or going another route; whatever your current life circumstance, how do you determine what is best for you? What is unsatisfactory? What is missing? What is driving you to search for help? How do you embark on the next phase of your life? How do you determine the steps to take?

Some of us have always felt this desire. Others are tired of the norm and want something different. We often betray our deepest instincts without even realizing it as we get so caught up in our lives and stray from our innermost feelings and thoughts. Until that moment in time when the feeling is so strong or events happen that force us to look at what we have been avoiding or chosen not to acknowledge. In these moments lies a choice to embrace and follow these instincts or to close the door and continue to be functional.

We want to help you walk thru that door.

Our model is designed to assist you in breaking out of your old stories and creating a new way of being that helps you live from a place of authenticity. A clear, stable foundation is required to manifest your goals, your dreams, and your passions.

When we are in alignment, the joy, the creativity, the energy, the happiness flow. This is the art of living. What are you waiting for? Just Go! Click on a service to learn more about it.

Tracy has the skills to meet you where you are and to individualize the guidance necessary to overcome anything and everything.

- Caroline

 Individual Coaching 

Young Adults and Women

Give voice to what’s possible and create the life you desire.

- Tracy

WOMC is Committed to Assisting You.

Define who you truly are

Call your own shots

Elevating your sense of purpose

Create your authentic life design

Whether you have been seeking this for quite some time or are going through a life transition, we can assist you in manifesting the brilliant life you want. Are you ready to experience how sweet life can truly be? Are you ready to embrace how insanely capable you already are? Let’s get started.

Take the first step. No matter your current life circumstances, you are on the search or you wouldn’t be reading this right now. It’s hard to know who we are and what we want as we drown in the messages we receive from the outside world. When these expectations clash with what we know about ourselves or what we sense is a different path, a misalignment occurs between our hearts, our deepest senses, and how we live. We betray ourselves.

“Is this really what I want?”

“I need to reinvent myself; I feel stuck”

“I’m doing everything right, so what’s the problem?”

“I’m ending my long-term relationship or career, now what?”

“Everyone will think I’m crazy.”

“Is this what I want or what my parents want for me?”

“I’m successful and yet something is missing”

“I’m approaching my 40s, what do I want the second half of my life to be like?”

It helps to have a guide.   Many people ask “Why hire a coach? Shouldn’t I be able to do this on my own or with friends?” We all need a guide or mentor along the way, someone we can trust, someone who has faith in us. Sometimes we lose faith in ourselves, we get discouraged, we think it’s hopeless, we want to give up.

You need a guide who will nurture your growth, challenge you to stay the course, call out to your own deep knowing. You need someone who is committed to walking alongside you at your own pace, who has no agenda other than assisting you in living the life you want.

Our first consultation call is free and allows both of us to assess if we are a good match. If we both agree, the next step is a two-day intensive. Click on Intensives for more information about the process.

There is a little live and let live in you. A little bit of wander, unchanged, unknown. Yet somehow, larger than life. You hear the calling. It’s the child part, the wild part. The part that keeps us on our toes.

- Anonymous

There is no one I would trust more to help guide and shape my life, or the life of someone that I care about.

- Melissa, 30, UT


Defining You. The focus during the two-day intensive is on identifying what is truly unique about you: your gifts, your passions, your skills, your sense of self.

Living an authentic life means being able to connect with your deepest senses, to align your personality with this deeper knowing, and to connect to the broader universal energy around you.

You will learn how to identify your own parts of self, gain clarity around your current life status, map out how your personality has been running your life and what you do and don’t like, identify the sources of internal conflict and how to work through them, and create synergy to move forward by voicing what you truly want and empowering yourself to create a vision tailored to who you are.

Calling your own shots. It’s really important to identify what has been running your life. What stories have you created and held onto that no longer serve you and prevent your true self from emerging? What are you re-creating over and over again that prevents you from being your brilliant self?

We will teach you how to break out of these stories and speak directly from your authentic self, from your heart, from your deeper knowing so you can take charge of your life. You are now in the driver’s seat and ready to call your own shots.

Elevating your sense of purpose. When you are in alignment, you start to discover a deeper sense of purpose. This purpose lies at the center of your authentic life design. It takes courage, trust, faith, and love to keep moving in this direction. We will help you create a new life vision with your personality and soul, and keep working until it matches how you truly want to live.

Creating your own life design.  At the conclusion of the two days, you will have drawn an initial vision of your new life. From the visuals and writings you will have done during our time together and that you will take home with you, you will set specific goals and we will create assignments for you to complete.

Weekly calls, emails, and video sessions over the following four months will reinforce the work. We may decide to meet face to face again. All of this is designed to empower you to live your own authentic life design.

It takes time to change patterns and to learn how to live differently amongst our multitude of daily responsibilities. Don’t give up, stay the course. That’s the reason you have a guide!

You must learn one thing, the world was made to be free in.
Give up all the other worlds except the one to which you belong.

- David Whyte, poet

 Treatment Transitions 

Transitioning back to real life is an exciting, happy time for all involved after the hard work that went into the treatment process. After twenty years of assisting families, young adults, and adolescents transition to the next phase of their lives, I can tell you it is hard for everyone to operationalize what they have learned into the real world, no matter the number of parent visits, time in treatment, or visits home.

Transitioning from having peer/therapeutic support 24/7, a program structure, and a daily routine to creating a new normal at home or out on your own, while simultaneously implementing everything you have learned is a difficult process. Initial bumps are to be expected, along with conflict by day 90 or even relapse. Parent, individual, and family weekends can be a critical part of supporting this new beginning, whether it is a return home or independent living as an adult. Having a coach helps everyone stay the course.

We outline below the basics each service provides. Just click on the link that interests you to print or download more information. To learn more, email or call us at 801-376-6298.

Tracy has helped me in many ways and for many years. She helped me find a purpose, get sober, develop good relationships and has always been there for me. She’s direct, honest, and she’s dedicated to helping others.

- Teya, 19, Jersey

Parent Coaching.   To assist you with your specific parenting struggles with your adolescent or young adult. Whether your child or young adult lives at home, is in treatment, or is coming out of treatment, we offer weekly phone calls or video services to assist your growth as a parent. We also stay in touch via emails and phone calls during times of crisis. Contracts cover 90 to 120 days. Call us at 801-376-6298 for a cost estimate. For a downloadable summary of services, click here.

Treatment transition, adolescent and parents.   A three-to-four month intensive service for both parents and adolescent. It starts with our talking to your adolescent while they are still in the program to address their concerns, their fears, their needs, their passions, and their goals. They also have input in any family plan we jointly create.

The first weekend your adolescent is home, we do an in-home, face-to-face visit, where we work with everyone in the family to:

Solidify boundaries and communication

Assess strengths, values, and functionality of the system

Give voice to concerns and hopes

Create new lifestyles individually, and as a family.
Develop problem-solving strategies for conflicts and struggles

Establish individual plans that will contribute to the overall family goals and individual personal growth.

Create a new normal by operationalizing treatment skills/work into real life process and relationships
Following this initial meeting, we follow up weekly with phone or video sessions with the whole family, and separate, individual calls with parents and adolescent. We are also available via email and phone to help deal with any emergency situation.

We also act as transition team leader, interfacing with other professionals in the community and making sure the transition team is on the same page in supporting this new beginning.

At 60 days, we do another face-to-face visit to assess family functioning, adjust individual and family plans, reinforce new lifestyle changes, identify areas of conflict and areas of growth, and to create goals for moving forward. Our goal is to prevent the typical 90-day backward slide.

At the end of 90 days, we can discuss continuation of services.

Depending on family size, we may include a second facilitator. Call us at 801-376-6298 for a cost estimate.

Treatment transition, young adult and parents.  We focus on the joint emancipation process for all involved over the next 90 to 120 days. No longer are you responsible for your young adult’s actions and they learn how to be fully responsible for theirs. How do you love with boundaries and allow your young adult to figure it out no matter your own fears and concerns? Where is the line between supporting vs enabling or rescuing them?

Each family system is different with where they are in this process and how they can go about emancipation. It is also scary and exciting for the young adult as they create their own life design. We start with a phone or video call with the young adult to see if we are a good match. Once we agree, we start working with them to create their life design.

Post treatment, we meet with them face to face the first weekend they are out to immediately start the process. We work with the parents on maintaining their boundaries, on working thru their own emotions about what is going on, and on how to communicate with their young adult. We follow up with separate weekly phone or video calls to both parents and the young adult. We are also available via email and phone to help deal with any emergency situation.

At 60 days, we meet face-to-face with the young adult to re-assess and adjust their life plans, to identify the obstacles they are struggling with, and to address any family issues.

We also act as treatment team leader and interface with other professionals in the community to make sure we are all on the same page in assisting the young adult to live out their dreams. This may include a joint session with young adult and parents to work thru conflicts and concerns. Costs vary depending on the services required. Call us at 801-376-6298 for a cost estimate.

 Young Adult and Adolescent Coaching Only 

Young Adult Coaching.  We work one-on-one with the young adult to create their own authentic life plan. Not only for those coming out of treatment, coaching is also geared to those who are struggling to gain a clear vision of what they want to do with their life or who keep getting derailed.

After a free initial call to assess the fit, we schedule a two-day, face-to-face intensive to create the beginnings of a life plan. Post-intensive, we schedule weekly follow up phone and video calls to assist you in staying the course. We are also available via email and phone to help deal with any emergency situation.

The coaching contract normally covers 90 days, with the option of continuing services beyond this timeframe. We do request a second face-to-face meeting 60 days into the process to re-assess current life design, changes that need to occur, what is working, and other strategies that need to be implemented for ultimate success. For more information about the process, click on Individual coaching.

Adolescent Coaching.   After speaking with you regarding why you believe a coach is needed for your adolescent, we interview your adolescent to see if we are a good match and if they are open to the process. We schedule weekly phone or video calls. We are also available via email and phone to help deal with any emergency situation.

The work will also involve you as parents when dealing with specific issues. We’ll discuss those as needed during the process. Family weekends are also a great way for the whole family to come together to strengthen the family system. See Family weekends.

For additional information and prices, contact us directly via email or phone.

I personally am so very grateful to the people who recommended Tracy to us. On a 10-point scale, 20 would not be a high enough number.

- Michelle, mother of Hanna

I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done without Tracy. She helped me so much through my time of need and not only was someone who helped me but someone I could trust.

- Hanna, Michelle’s daughter

 Family Weekend 

WOMC offers family weekends for families who want to strengthen their relationships, build resiliency, re-set their family dynamics, or come together in a new family system after a divorce, a death, re-marriage, or co-habitation. Family weekends are also ideal for families entering a post treatment phase or who have been in a post-treatment phase for many months and want to re-set their family system.

This is not meant to replace family therapy work. It is an intensive three-day family experience to help you move beyond where you keep getting stuck. What we accomplish and work on will be passed on to your family therapist so they can build on the weekend intensive. We do offer continued follow-up over the course of the following 90 days and act as your family coach during this time.

The process begins with a free phone consultation to assess your current situation and to provide information on what your family weekend might look like. Each family weekend is tailored to your individual needs. Whether you are looking for a more intensive wilderness experience or a more relaxed, comfortable setting to meet in, we will create a weekend that matches your family needs. We also offer mother/daughter, father/son, and multi-generational family weekends.

Our preference is that you come to Prescott, AZ, as we often do experiential and high adventure activities as part of the family process. The varied climates of northern Arizona (Sedona, Grand Canyon, national forests) and southern Utah (Zion Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Moab) offer year-round activities. You can even turn your family weekend into an extended vacation to enjoy more of the national parks.

Family weekends always have at least one other facilitator and sometimes two, to ensure the needs of all family members are met. Prices and locations vary. We are willing to fly to you and work with your family locally if needed.

Joseph Paul MacCaffrey, LAC is often a co-facilitator for family weekends and specially designed nature-based experiences.
For additional information and cost, E-mail or call us at 801-376-6298.
For a downloadable summary of services, click here.
To read more about Joseph McCaffrey, LAC, click here.


On a 10-point scale, 20 would not be a high enough number.

Michelle and Steve, CA

“Tracy has been a godsend to our family. This past year our youngest daughter was placed in a wilderness therapy program and is finishing up her treatment at a therapeutic boarding school. We were so impressed with the therapists in Wilderness, that we asked our consultants for someone with similar expertise for our older daughter, age 16, who was dealing with the realities of life without her sister. She was stressed and depressed.”

“Tracy worked privately with our daughter, doing phone consults. She was available for quick chats when needed, and provided a great deal of extra support for Hanna during this time of crisis. Tracy gave Hanna specific tools to use to help with the emotions that kept coming up for her. There was a point where Hanna could not make it through a day without breaking down.”

“Fast forward nine months, even with the stress of her senior year and college applications looming, she is a happy, self-confident teenager, much more so than her peers. While still experiencing the teenage mood swings on occasion, she is able to sit back quietly and observe her emotions before overreacting or making a poor decision.”

“Tracy has also acted in a consultant manner for our family in regards to our younger daughter and her placement. I personally am so very grateful to the people who recommended Tracy to us. On a 10-point scale, 20 would not be a high enough number. ”

Trustworthy and dedicated

Daughter Hanna, 17, CA

“I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done without Tracy. She helped me so much through my time of need and not only was someone who helped me but someone I could trust.”

Forever changed and grateful

Melissa, 30, UT

“I have learned more through my interactions with Tracy over the last five years than I have throughout the rest of my life. I will be forever changed and grateful. Through her teachings and mentoring I was given the opportunity to learn so much. The power to accept myself, find my passion, create the vision for myself that I want, and identify the patterns that lead me toward and away from my vision.”

“She gave me the tools to help me navigate this journey and to recognize and honor the various aspects of myself. She guided me not only in helping myself, but in helping others when our paths cross. I have watched Tracy step in with intuitive, firm, constructive feedback. In a non-confrontational society, I find that mournfully rare.”

“To me, it is beautiful to see interactions that focus on the development of a person’s vision with no hidden agenda. This focus comes across so strongly that because of it and her compassionate manner, I have experienced her feedback to be so powerful and effective. That is not just my experience as I have witnessed this process with countless other individuals. There is no one I would trust more to help guide and shape my life, or the life of someone that I care about.”

Skills to meet you where you are

Caroline, CO

“I spent over a year working closely with Tracy one-on-one and in a group setting. Tracy laid down a foundation for me to learn the tools to not only pull myself out of a state of complete despair and hopelessness, but to also continue to grow into a respectable individual.”

“Some ten years later, I am able to use these tools to continue to grow throughout my life, to be a productive member of society, and to face life’s challenges with grace and maturity. Tracy is gifted with the ability to emotionally connect with any individual. She has the skills to meet you where you are and to individualize the guidance necessary to overcome anything and everything.”


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Phone: 801-376-6298
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Offices in Scottsdale, AZ. Call for information.

I have watched Tracy step in with intuitive, firm, constructive feedback. In a non-confrontational society, I find that mournfully rare.

- Melissa

 About Me 

Tracy Schrunk Tracy Schrunk, LCSW
Tracy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Arizona, Nevada, and Utah with 20 years of working with adolescents, young adults, families, and women in a variety of different private pay treatment modalities.

Referral sources from around the country appreciate her clinical skills and she has worked both domestically and internationally with highly complex individuals and family systems. Tracy's direct and compassionate style elicits immediate trust, respect and rapport with her clients.

Tracy has been trained in many different therapeutic approaches that include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Skills, gestalt therapy techniques, relapse prevention, strategic family therapy, creative experiential activities, and trauma techniques to name a few.

Her areas of specialization include all major mood disorders, cluster B personality issues, family conflict, gender identity and orientation, self-harming behaviors, over-achievement with perfectionism and anxiety, learning challenges, drugs and alcohol, sexual assault recovery, body image, relationship issues, grief and loss, adoption and attachment, identity issues, social anxieties, women’s issues, and life transition issues.

Tracy started her work as a rape crisis counselor in college while earning her BA with honors in psychology from the University of Iowa. She then completed her Masters in Social Work at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, TX. She completed an internship at a children’s crisis shelter and at an adult, dual diagnosis acute hospital while working with juvenile gang members in a court ordered residential program.

After completing her Master’s Degree, Tracy returned to Utah and worked in two top ranked residential treatment programs for adolescent boys and girls. After serving as a clinical director of a wilderness program in Idaho, she moved to Texas to start up a young adult women’s residential program for dually diagnosed women, ages 18-25. As the clinical director, Tracy created the programming and clinical model specifically for women’s developmental processes and issues.

After a year, Tracy moved into being the executive director as she and her team supported these young adult women from intensive therapy to semi-independent to independent living over the course of a year and helped them create authentic life plans. This allowed her to fully grasp the unique process of transitioning to real life and the post treatment follow up that occurred. Tracy then returned to Utah and worked in two premier wilderness programs as a primary therapist for adolescents and young adults.

Tracy began her coaching 10 years ago by continuing to work with parents and young adults during post treatment year and beyond. She became a trained facilitator in the Self, Soul, and Spirit model developed by Dr. Roger Strachan and has continued to develop and expand this model in both her counseling and coaching work. This then lead her to create Women on the Move counseling services and WOMC coaching services.

Tracy makes her home in Las Vegas, NV where she has offices in Arizona and Nevada. She is available via phone, Skype, or in person, either in your setting, her Arizona or Nevada office, or in the wilderness.